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Abatement Systems

Mitigation systems for catastrophic releases of bulk HCL 2004-07-22

Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2004 4:16 PM

To: SEHS Grapevine

Subject: Mitigation systems for catastrophic releases of bulk HCL



This site currently uses 600lb canisters (tonner systems) for bulk delivery of HCL to our fabs. We are looking for advice/leads for mitigation systems in the event of a catastrophic release; e.g., a system capable of treating the release to below 1/2 IDLH. The bulk systems currently vent to house scrubbed acid exhaust.


Do any of you have treatment systems designed for catastrophic release for these quantities or larger?







We estimate that a Y container of HCl venting from the Pressure Relief Device will release 332 lbs over 13.5 minutes. During this time it will subcool the remaining liquid and with a 70 F outside temperature it will reach a steady state release of 0.22 lbs/min. The remaining liquid will take up to 20 hours to vent. For our ER team we have developed a Y Capping Kit that can fit over the valve which will hold up to 150 psig of pressure. This is good to seal Ammonia Y's since it has a low vapor pressure. For HCl which has a higher pressure this is used to isolate and divert the release to our ER Bubbler system. Send me your phone number and we can discuss





Guardian Burn Box 2007-01-18

Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2007 12:51 PM

To: SEMI EHS Grapevine

Subject: Guardian Burn Box

SEMI Environmental Health & Safety Grapevine


We have an old Guardian Burn Box that is used occasionally (1X per month) for one of our research tools with the process gas 5% Silane/He. Yesterday, the Burn Box stopped working. Because it was used so infrequently, we have never had to have outside maintenance on it before and now are stuck with a non-operational Burn Box and no contacts of people to fix it. Does anyone have a contact with a company who works on these units? All help is greatly appreciating!







The Guardian division was purchased by ATMI and merged into their Ecosys division over 10 years ago. This was sold a few years ago to Applied Materials and is now the Metron Division. You might want to access their website to see who to call. Be careful with dealing with the solids that might have formed in the Tophat of the unit. They might still be air reactive. In some cases they form a glass like solid which must be scraped

Good luck

Eugene Ngai




Disposal of BOC M150 Cartridges 2009-01-26

Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 6:45 PM

To: SEMI EHS Grapevine

Subject: Disposal of BOC M150 Cartridges

SEMI Environmental Health & Safety Grapevine


To those of you who have BOC Edwards M150 Gas Reactor Columns to dry scrub CVD gaseous effluents, will you please share your procedures for disposing of or recycling the canisters that contain the scrubber media?


It is not clear to me whether the spent canister contains any hazardous substances; I have received conflicting information - one source claims that the materials collected on the media have been converted to non-hazardous inorganics regardless of the source gases (e.g., HCl,  2H6, PH3, SiH4); another source questions that conclusion.


I would appreciate if you could share your knowledge and practice for dealing with the spent canisters.






Do you know what solid material is in the reactor columns? Is it a metal oxide which reacts with the gas forming a stable oxide? What does the BOC literature say?

Eugene Ngai




Abatement Systems 2006-10-11

Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 11:53 AM

To: SEMI EHS Grapevine

Subject: Re: Abatement Systems

SEMI Environmental Health & Safety Grapevine



We have some older CDOs that we use. They were purchased from Delatech (which I think used to be Innovative Engineering). I can't guarantee that they still exist, but they used to have their corporate offices in Napa, CA, 800-899-8354, and their sales office in Milpitas, CA 800-229-1966. We also have a Viron wet scrubber for the whole building. The last phone number I have

for Viron is 517-723-8255.

Good luck,




At 08:14 AM 10/11/2006, you wrote:

SEMI Environmental Health & Safety Grapevine


I am interested in getting names of vendors that supply "thermal burn units" or "fume scrubbers" or similar equipment. We have processes that generate fluorine from either sulfur hexafluoride or nitrogen trifluoride. The material basically pass through our chambers unadulterated because we

are testing systems, not processing wafers. I have one vendor now, but need to get two other quotes because of the cost. I believe advocating for one vendor over another is discouraged on the grapevine, so lease email me direct.





Delatech was purchased many years ago by ATMI and merged with their scrubber division which included the Guardian Burner and Vector Scrubbers. The division was recently sold to Applied Materials Inc

Eugene Ngai