Compressed Gas Emergency Response

Chemically Speaking LLC can help you develop emergency preplans for your facility. A good preplan will reduce the surprises during an incident. It will identify the hazards, define the ER equipment and resources that will be required to be on hand and the training to quickly mitigate the incident. Eugene has worked with small privately held companies to large multinational companies

Eugene has been an participant in a number of significant emergency responses (public and private), developed ER preplans, trained emergency responders, designed equipment and led investigations in major incidents.
Eugene has over 45 years of compressed gas emergency response experience. He designed the “Solkatronic” cylinder containment vessel and coined the phrase ERCV (Emergency Response Cylinder Vessel) in 1989. ERCV has become synonymous with all cylinder containment vessels. The "Solkatronic" has become the worldwide standard for gas cylinder emergency response, copied by many others who now make ERCV's.
2019 was a busy training year!

ERCV Training, Malaysia 

Over the years, Eugene has designed and patented a variety of other compressed gas ER devices and systems, including portable scrubber, leaking cylinder cap, Y Capping kit, ISO Module Vent Scrubber 

Eugene has trained emergency responders at numerous locations worldwide. The classes varied in length from a 2 hr basic introduction to a 3 day advanced class. He has also developed custom ER classes to address unique site requrements. He has conducted training for numerous public agencies including

  • Fire Dept of New York
  • Phoenix Fire Dept
  • San Jose Fire Dept
  • Singapore Civil Defence
  • Korea Gas Safety
  • Trenton Fire Dept
  • Sandia National Labs
  • Los Alamos National Labs
  • Philadelphia Fire Dept
  • FBI Hazardous Materials Response Unit (HMRU)
In Nov. 2007, during a class on compressed gas terrorism, Deputy Chief Delre, Fire Dept of New York, recognized Eugene’s 10 years of effort in training and supporting the HazMat Battalion with the Commissioner’s award. He noted the efforts since Sept 2001 to help rebuild the HazMat Battalion.

Eugene has received awards from Phoenix Fire, San Jose Fire, Korea Gas Safety Corporation, Singapore Civil Defence for his training efforts

Excerpts from letters

Dan Newburn, Tucson Fire Chief, May 2005

 "...[the firefighters] learned a great deal from this course ...Companies  such as yours allow emergency responders to be better prepared."

Dean Perotti, Capt. Phoenix Fire, April 2007

“Your day long seminar “Compressed Gas Primer for the Firefighter or HazMat Responder” was phenomenal. You have an amazing hazmat response expertise; and your ability to teach, captivate and entertain firefighters is remarkable”

Robert Ingram, Chief in Charge, HazMat Operations, Fire Dept of New York, Sept 2004

“It is hard to justly express our appreciation for the commitment of your time, knowledge and equipment and training that you have provided to the FDNY Haz-Mat Response Group during this time of reconstitution and rebuilding. Your unselfish work has contributed to our preparedness effort and our capability to perform our mission. Your assistance and support has truly helped us to rebuild our capabilities lost in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attack.”


 Fire Dept and NAIZAK, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

South Jersey HazMat Tech Class, Camden Fire Academy, NJ

 Fire Dept of New York, 6 classes in April and July 2010
Chemically Speaking LLC is a specialty gas consulting company that can provide safety, environmental and emergency response support to users, transporters, distributors, waste disposers or manufacturers of specialty and industrial gases used in the chemical, medical, electronics and automotive industries. Chemically Speaking can also provide safety and emergency response training. Expert witness or incident investigation.