Silane Safety

Since the tragic accident in 2005, Eugene has been spearheading the worldwide effort to improve industry understanding about silane. As part of this effort he has coordinated a series of safety seminars around the world. 16 have been held so far. The most recent was March 2014 in Seoul, Korea. Another is planned for 2016 at a Asia location TBA
A recent attendee at a Lunch and Learn session at a major A&E firm at a user site had the following comment

"Fantastic day today, working with Silane guru Eugene Ngai, pretty much a rock star in the specialty gases world;)"

Silane incidents continued in 2014. One was because the user tried to remove the wrong cylinder.
After 7 years of effort and an extensive silane release test program, the revision to ANSI/CGA G-13 is finished. This was approved on Jan 2015
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I am very disappointed that he didn’t do a more balanced article. He only used 2 items from the many that we spoke about. I’m also surprised how this appears to be a advertisement rather than a technical article which Scientific American is known for

Hundreds of people have been trained on silane safety through the "Feel the Heat" program. Students properly dressed in PPE. experience a silane flamer or popper while removing the cylinder valve vaportight cap, releasing high pressure silane. They are awarded the patch which is an embrodiery of the infamous picture of Eugene's hand that has been used in numerous silane safety presentations by others. (Picture taken by Lester Gerver in 1994) This is used in many safety seminar brochures as well as Air Products recent silane safety brochure.