Upcoming Seminars

Jerry Sameth, Chief Technologist, Matheson-Trigas

"Eugene Ngai is a globally respected Expert on Emergency Response for Compressed Gases, especially silane. I have benefited greatly from his knowledge and experience. Those who attend his silane seminars will benefit in many ways. An excellent teacher and lecturer. "

In 2017, conducted 28 training classes throughout the world for private companies, Fire Depts and Associations

2018 will be another busy year. I am scheduled so far for for the following presentations that wil be open to the public. Please send an e-mail for more details

Wisconsin HazMat Conference - Stevens Point, WI, Feb 15-17, 2018


SESHA Conference - Scottsdale, AZ, April 16-20, 2018

Hotzone - Houston, TX, Oct 2018